How will I feel throughout a Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) procedure?


Dr. Slonim doesn’t believe in pain or suffering and will do her best to make sure you are comfortable. She explains exactly what will happen and how you will feel during the procedure from start to finish:

“So, before the procedure you’re probably going to be nervous. I’m going to give you medicine to make you relaxed before we go into the procedure. During the procedure you’re going to be asleep. You probably, you’ll have no memory of the procedure at all. After the procedure, my goal is for you to not have pain.

“I don’t believe in pain, I don’t believe in suffering, so I’m going to stand at your bedside, and have the nurse give you medicine until you’re asleep. You’re going to have one of those pumps where you push a button and it gives yourself a dose. So, I’ll give you enough medicine until you’re asleep, and then from that point on, you push the button you get a dose. I want you to sleep all afternoon.

“I’m going to tell your family members, who are there with you, that they’re going to be bored all day because you’re going to be asleep. As the day goes on to evening, you probably won’t need to push the button as often, you’ll be drowsy, you’ll be asleep, you’re not going to remember most of that afternoon.

“The following day your pain is going to be much better than it was during the whole afternoon of the procedure. You’ll probably have some nausea and you’ll go home the next day.”

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