What is a myomectomy? What are the challenges with a myomectomy?


While Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) is a less invasive procedure performed by an interventional radiologist, a myomectomy is performed by a gynecologist and is slightly more invasive. Dr. Suzanne Slonim, M.D., explains the challenges with undergoing a myomectomy.

“There’s a few challenges, and again, I’m not an OB/GYN, I don’t do the procedure but, the more fibroids you have, the more extensive the surgery has to be and the longer it takes. The position of the fibroids can be very challenging to get to from the laparoscopic approach and the deeper fibroids can be difficult for the gynecologist to get to, and essentially have to go deeper into the uterus.”

See Dr. Linda Hughes’ answer to this question.


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