Why do you prefer Embosphere® Microspheres for Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) procedures?


The doctors that perform UFE procedures use the products that will be most beneficial for their patients. Dr. Linda Hughes explains why she continues to use Embosphere.

“I use Embospheres for my uterine fibroid embolizations. There are several different products that are available on the market. One is PVA which is polyvinyl alcohol or a plastic bead. The other, Embosphere, is a gelatin product. I like the fact that it’s a gelatin product. I like the fact that it’s an inert substance, and there’ve been no reports of any side effects to the gelatin substance, as well as the fact that this product was the the first one that had FDA approval specifically for fibroid embolizations.”

See Dr. Suzanne Slonim’s answer to this question.


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