Will my fibroids still be a problem after menopause?


For many women, fibroids do shrink and symptoms decrease after menopause, but for others, this does not happen. Dr. Linda Hughes, M.D., explains the changes that your body can go through.

“Fibroids are extremely common and many women don’t have symptoms from their fibroids. Of women that do have symptoms with their fibroids, a number of them when they go into menopause, with the fibroid shrinking because of the change in hormones, their symptoms will go away.

“I have, however, seen and treated a number of women that are post-menopausal. They are no longer menstruating but are still having symptoms in terms of pain with intercourse, back pain, pressure on the bladder and we performed successful embolizations for that reason and they’ve still had relief. Actually the oldest woman I’ve treated was 69 years old.”

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