Is it always necessary to treat fibroids?


Most women with fibroids do not show symptoms, and in that case, it is usually not necessary to treat fibroids. Dr. Linda Hughes, M.D., explains:

“It is not necessary to treat all women that have been diagnosed with fibroids. The vast majority of women are asymptomatic, however if women develop symptoms they’re entitled to treatment. Typically the symptoms include heavy bleeding, including passage of blood clots with their menstrual cycle, they can be anemic, and have low blood counts.

“Some women have required iron transfusions, or blood transfusion, or have to take iron tablets. They can also have pain, cramping, pain with intercourse, as well as what we call bulk symptoms where the fibroids are big, and they’re pushing on the bladder typically. This causing them to urinate more quickly, get up at night to urinate, or they can have back pain which worsens with their menstrual cycle. I’ve also seen a number of women that have had issues with constipation, because the fibroids are pushing on the rectum, or they have pain in their pelvis or even pain radiating down their thighs because the fibroids are pushing on the nerves in the area.”

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