Are there medications or natural remedies used to treat fibroid symptoms?


There are several medications and natural treatments that can be used to treat the symptoms of fibroids, but these do not reduce the size or control the fibroids themselves. Dr. Linda Hughes, M.D., gives some examples.

“There are a number of medications that patients have utilized over the years to try to control their fibroid symptoms. Typically they end up being hormones. There are some natural remedies out there as well as some of the pain medication to control some of the symptoms. However, as an Interventionist Radiologist, we typically would not prescribe hormones or medication to treat the fibroids, that would be done by the gynecologist.

“Typically if we are administering or prescribing medication for patients, it’s after we’ve done the uterine fibroid embolization and it’s an antibiotic to prevent infection. It is the non steroidal anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen or Percocet for control of the pain and cramping related to the procedure.”

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